Mystress Fyre

Dominatrix, Disciplinarian, Sadist


Welcome to My World

I am a long time devotee of B&D and S&M, with a decade of experience with both male and female submissives and masochists.

I am located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I am available for in-person scenes, for physical play, humiliation and discipline.

I am a Dominant, a Sadist and Top with a extensive depth of experience and access to all manner of toys, furniture and instruments to meet your filthiest of desires.


Becoming a Client

I am currently accepting clients for sadistic play, humiliation, bondage, discipline, tease & denial, rope, cross-dressing and service-work based play.

$200 First Hour

In-Person Session

Experience the Domme you have always wanted so badly: the Bitchy Boss, the Disciplinarian, the Drill Sargent or simply the playful Sadistic Top.

$350 for 2 hours

Extended Session

I often find that one hour is little time to explore a scene with a proper build-up and cool-down. Join me for two hours and experience a well crafted scene in it’s full expression.

My Specialties

Bondage & Discipline

A practiced rope Rigger and an enthusiastic physical play Top, I enjoy bondage and physical play a great deal. I will “read” your reactions and control the intensity to keep you at the edge of your tolerance and will.

Sadism & Topping

From ‘ouch’ to agony, I enjoy all manner of physical play from sensation and teasing through painful submission and excessive body impact play. All forms of physical play are pleasing and enjoyable to me!  “If it makes you hard and causes you to make those noises where I can’t tell if you’re cumming or dying, that’s what I want!”

Cock & Ball Play

Such a favorite, be it mild tease & denial, or wild scrotum nailing, CBT is one of my very favorite games to play. I love it when you squirm and beg, pleading for mercy… delicious!

I love the fear in your eyes that happens when your most precious assets are in play.

Service & Worship

Furniture, objectification, maid/butler, boot-care, cleaning…. all are amusing, and some are useful.  Humiliation is often part of this play, both verbal and physical. If you’re a very good boy, I may let you worship my feet or grace you with my touch. Come and be of service to me and get lost in my world for a while!


What My Clients are Saying

“A Caring Sadist, how refreshing!”

“I have known and played with Mystress Fyre for four years, she is evil and careful, it’s a rare combination.”


“A Natural and Enthusiastic Sadist”

“Although she is a natural and enthusiastic sadist who delights in my suffering, she is also caring and professional. It’s such an interesting combination in one woman.”


“I feel free to be myself”

“There’s no judgement about my kinks and desires, just the opportunity to experience them with Mystress Fyre. I feel free to be myself and be honest about what I enjoy.”

Brad (MsShilo)

“Worship Worthy”

“She is my Goddess, I’m willing to suffer so much just to get to worship her feet. And that terrible giggle always worries me and gives me chills.”

Michael (a masochist)

My Services

I am available for a wide variety of play. These are a few of my favorite things:


Have you been naughty? Disturbed even by your own thoughts or actions? Penance can be paid and then you can leave your guilt at my feet. A solid spanking, canning or paddling will help you clear your conscience.


Furniture restrictions, dress (or nudity) requirements, lingerie under your suit for the day? Get on the floor when you belong my pet. All the fun games, let’s play!


If you’re a very good boy, I might use you as a footstool or a bench. Or perhaps today you are my amusing puppy or pony. Escape your human demands and become my amusement.

Physical Sadism

CBT, bull whips, torture rope, cat-o-nine tails, floggers, crops, paddles, canes and impact tools.

Service Play

Pour my drink and serve it well, keep it within arms reach. Scrub the paint off my floors in your maid outfit, or polish the silver under threat of punishment with my crop. There’s always work to be done, and always boys around to do it. And they had better do it well!

Goddess Worship

Would you like to touch my feet? To kiss them? Massage them? Then you’d better get to work on cleaning and polishing my boots as I flog you, for you must earn the right to touch me.

My services do not include any sexual services of any kind. My services are strictly BDSM based.

Do not insult me by asking for sex or sexual interactions.


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In-Person Session Availability

Late afternoon or evenings

Text Sessions

Late afternoon or evenings


$200 / hour, $350 for 2 hours
Available in Calgary, Alberta

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